Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby On Board

We have been trying to conceive since May of 2010, today -Oct 24'th 2010 I took yet another test,it showed up with a very faint positive,I was determined I was pregnant & that this was our lucky month.I took 2 more test which should up + as well. That was enough to get both me (Kristy) & Dean,my husband very excited & in the car off to the doctors clinic. I had an ultrasound done which clarrified we are most definitely pregnant. I'm 7 weeks along and we couldn't be happier! This has been our dream since we were dating & now it is finally happening. Tonight we have a get together with friends & as much as I want to spill the goods,We both want to let our parent's know first,so we will be calling them as soon as we are home from the get together!

Keep checking back for baby updates,recipes,product reviews etc..


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